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Although the profile descriptions and transaction data models provided by CEN/ISSS WS/BII are neutral of syntax, the workshop has agreed to provide specifications of how its data models may be mapped to defined syntaxes. This is done in order provide the market with implementable specifications.

As can be seen from the table below, there is currently no one syntax solution that fully covers the scope of the workshop. It is expected that work will continue with an aim to provide full syntax mapping for all transaction data models.

For the syntax mapping to UBL 2.0 the details are provided as part of the normative specification of the transaction data model. Further information on the UBL syntax itself may be found at The Known Issues document provides a list of issues relating to mapping to UBL 2.0 that has not yet been fully resolved or concluded within the current versions of the deliverables. These issues have been submitted to OASIS and disposition recorded.

A first draft of a syntax mapping to the UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice is documented in the UN/CEFACT Cross Industry Invoice data model mapping guideline.

Further information on the UN/CEFACT XML solution may be found at


Transaction data model Un/Cefact syntax document (D.09A) UBL 2.0 syntax document
AcceptAttachedDocument   ApplicationResponse
Catalogue   Catalogue
CatalogueAcceptance   ApplicationResponse
CatalogueDeleteConfirmation   ApplicationResponse
CatalogueDeleteRequest   CatalogueDeletion
CatalogueItemUpdate   CatalogueItemSpecificationUpdate
CatalogueItemUpdateAcceptance   ApplicationResponse
CatalogueItemUpdateRejection   ApplicationResponse
CataloguePriceUpdate   CataloguePricingUpdate
CataloguePriceUpdateAcceptance   ApplicationResponse
CataloguePriceUpdateRejection   ApplicationResponse
CatalogueRejection   ApplicationResponse
CatalogueRequest   CatalogueRequest
CatalogueRequestRejection   ApplicationResponse
ConfirmContracAwardNoticePublicationConfirmation   ApplicationResponse
ContractAwardNoticePublicationRejection   ApplicationResponse
ContractNoticePublicationConfirmation   ApplicationResponse
ContractNoticePublicationRejection   ApplicationResponse
CorrectiveInvoice CrossIndustryInvoice Invoice
CounterOffer   OrderResponse
CounterOfferAcceptance   OrderResponseSimple
CounterOfferRejection   OrderCancellation
CreditNote   CreditNote
CustomsBill   Invoice
CustomsCorrectiveBill   Invoice
CustomsCreditNote   CreditNote
DispatchAdvice   DespatchAdvice
Invoice CrossIndustryInvoice Invoice
InvoiceAcceptanceNotice   ApplicationResponse
InvoiceDispute   ApplicationResponse
InvoiceDisputeNotice   ApplicationResponse
MultiPartyCatalogue   Catalogue
Order   Order
OrderAcceptance   OrderResponseSimple
OrderRejection   OrderResponseSimple
PriorInfomationNoticePublicationRejection   ApplicationResponse
PriorInformationNoticePublicationConfirmation   ApplicationResponse
Quote   Quotation
QuoteRequest   RequestForQuotation
QuoteRequestRejection   ApplicationResponse
RejectAttachedDocument   ApplicationResponse
Reminder   Reminder
RescanRequest   ApplicationResponse
ScannedCreditNote   CreditNote
ScannedInvoice   Invoice
Statement   Statement
StatementRejection   ApplicationResponse
SubmitAttachedDocument   AttachedDocument