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Sample XForms for BII04 Invoice Only Profile.

XForm Files

  • A standard XForm - it has been tested for use in Mozilla Firefox 3.0 using the Mozilla XForms plugin version 0.8.6ff3 which is available from the Mozilla XForms Project site.
    Due to lack of current browser support for XForms the form is not usable outside of this environment. Be aware this sample takes a long time to load.

  • An XForm document interpreted by a third party tool to produce HTML.

    This XForm works in a pure browser framework with no plugins required. It is enabled through a developer version of the commercial EMC Documentum XForm Engine. For further information regarding this library and potential licensing, please refer to the EMC Documentum XForm Engine website.

    This form has been tested on Firefox 3.x, Safari 4, and IE7. Please note that the XForm loads very slowly in IE due to a slower javascript processing engine. Users may be prompted with a warning that the script is running slowly - these should be accepted and the script allowed to continue to run.

  • An XForm document transformed through XSLT (in the browser) to produce HTML.

    This XForm also works in a pure browser framework with no plugins required - it utilises the native XSLT functionality of the browser. This form is enabled through the open source XSLT Forms library.

    N.B. There is currently an issue loading this form in Internet Explorer 7 - this is due to a resource loading problem on the server which is currently under investigation (i.e. the problem is not with the form or XSLTForms). The form has been tested to load with Firefox and Safari but due to the same issue the calendar controls do not function correctly. The forms will function correctly if downloaded and run locally or on another server.