Business Interoperability Interfaces
for Public procurement
in Europe

Part 3, Toolbox Requirements

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Annexes to the CWA

To ease the adoption of the BII technical specifications in business software and to ensure technical interoperability, collections of core requirements have been identified and addressed. The focus has been to identify and prioritise the most important requirements for tools, architectures or standards for the different capabilities required when developing electronic procurement systems.

Normative annexes

Informative annexes

  • Annex E on Virtual Company Dossier
  • Annex F on Electronic Catalogues and Classifications
  • Annex G on Tender Submission

Sample Tools

Sample utilities, templates, stylesheets and other artefacts aimed at easing the work of tools providers and end users have been developed and are public available for demonstration purposes

A all-in-one package with all sample tools can be downloaded from here.